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Ketamine is sold under the brand name Ketela and known for being a dissociative aesthetic that is available by prescription for veterinary uses. This dissociative drug can lead to distortion of colors, sights, self, sound and one's environment. It is usually available in the form of white powder or clear liquid. You can buy ketamine powder online at lower prices than the original market rate.

What are the medicinal uses of ketamine powder?

This drug can provide you relief from pain as well as short term memory loss. It can also be used as a pain control element in burn therapy as well as battlefield injuries. Children who cannot tolerate any other form of anaesthetics due to allergies and severe side effects can make use of ketamine powder for pain control.

It is often referred to as one of the common anaesthetics owing to the lower chance for depressed breathing. According to the latest research, this drug has been found as a promising ailment for the treatment of severe depression. It is also used as the maintenance and induction agent for sedation in case of surgeries for providing the general anaesthesia.

Problem with high doses of Ketamine powder

High doses of ketamine powder can reduce the breathing rate dangerously and even late to muscle weakness, balance difficulty, dizziness, impaired vision, vomiting and nausea, slurred speech and severe confusion.

Where Can You Buy Ketamine Powder?

Ketamine powder online is easily available. From the Chemist Store, you can purchase ketamine powder for sale without any prescription.

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    This is just awesome.

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