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Sleeping pills are a common term used to describe medication that is prescription and OTC (Outstanding Outstanding Offering of OTCs). These drugs are used to support people who havetrouble getting into sleep or sleeping alone. Sleeping pills are hypnotically administered so that theyimprove or disperse sleep. In the class of medicines known as Benzodiazepines or Benzodiazepinereceptor agonists, the most common prescription sleeping pills or hypnotics are. If overused orabused, sleeping pills may have a significant effect. You can contact a health care professional first ifyou feel like you might want sleeping pills. The average sleep time of a healthy person is between 6and 8 hours. Often a person may have a problem sleeping in such away. 

There may be severalfactors to this issue, including:

• Substantial safety issues.
• Medication for a medical condition that already exists. Such medications can include cold andallergy decongestants, high-pressure (e.g. beta-blockers), corticosteroids and other asthmamedicines.
• Have a bright or noisy place.
• Too close to bedtime to have food, drink or exercise.
• The second or third shift and non-traditional hours of sleeping.
• Problems associated with sleep, including (among other things): obstructive sleep apnea (OSA),when respiration may be disrupted when sleeping and RLS, when a creeping or painful feeling in thelegs occurs in the night and is usually alleviated by the movement or stretching of the sleep

Sleeplessness is a common problem. 48% ofAmericans show occasional insomnia, and 22% say they are insomnia every night or almost everynight. Women experience insomnia 1.3 times more frequently than men. 
Sleeplessness can have severe long-term health and lifestyle implications, including stress, cardiacdisease, and more falls. Your health professional will continue your appointment by trying todetermine the causes and period to which your insomnia will lead. At first, he or she can prescribenon-pharmaceutical solutions to sleeplessness (see information below. 
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