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Hormonal therapy is a procedure that delays or prevents the growth of cancer cells in need ofhormones, introduces, blocks or eliminates hormones. Hormone extraction, hormone stimulation orendocrine therapy is also known as hormone therapy. The primary drug or other drugs should be used solely for hormone therapy. Until surgery, it may beused to reduce the tumour and promote removing or shrinking the tumour before radiation therapyto allow radiation to go to a smaller region. In addition to primary treatments such as procedure,radiation or chemotherapy, hormone therapy may be provided to minimize the chance of cancerreturning (recur).

Estrogen and progestin combinations are used in treating other menopause symptoms. Estrogensand progestin are two sex hormones in women. Hormone substitution therapy works by substitutingan estrogen hormone not formed any longer by the body. Estrogen decreases warmth sensations inthe upper body, and heat and sweaty periods (hot flashes), vaginal symptoms and painful urination,but other menopause symptoms, including nervousness or depression, cannot be alleviated. Estrogen also prevents bone dilution in menopausal women. Hormone replacement therapy is usedto reduce the risk of uterine cancer in women still getting their uterus. Progestin is added toestrogen. Hormone replacement therapy is offered by mouth as a tablet. Take it every day at the same time to make you recall taking hormone replacement therapy.

How to use 

Follow the instructions on your prescription label carefully to explain anything you do notunderstand by your doctor or pharmacist. Take medicine just as instructed. Should not take or takeanything more or less than the doctor recommended. Do not avoid taking the drug without talkingto the doctor. Activella, FemHrt and Prempro come as estrogen- and progestin-containing capsules.
Each day, take a tablet. Now you can buy hormonal drugs online from chemist store and get them delivered at your doorstep.


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